the unhappy fate...

...of old rhino hate






One noon day

I was sitting at

my table

eating my meal


A bowl full of

moon and

star and little girl

heart vibrations


When from out of

no where ~ maybe

from behind a



There hobnobbed





An old rhino


a bad back

a bad liver


But with

the most superior


in the world


In his hand

was a

glass full of

black ink


In the ink

there were a

thousand bugs

all screaming


As they drowned





The old rhino


set this glass down

on my table


Next to my bowl


he said

“Eat it, kid”


My lip

quivered I’m sure

and my eyes

went round


As I peered

into this glass

then my bowl

then the glass again


I took a


look at this fat

old rhino


With a glint in

his eye

cold as the deepest

part of the ocean


He picked up

his glass

slammed it down

on my table


He said again

“Eat it, kid”

and the thousand

shrill little bugs


As they drowned

in the ink of

the glass

continued to scream





good background music


I tried to

ignore the old

beast and

his glass of ink


I continued to

eat from

my own bowl




and star

and little girl

heart vibrations


But this

this beast under the

noon sun

would not go away


Continued to say





And you know


the bugs

were screaming


Into the

cold gray ocean

in the old rhino’s



I looked again

tried a grin

gave my bowl a spin

said, “Try mine!”


He blushed purple

huffed & huffed

shook his head negatively

and repeated


As he pointed to his glass





I tried to


in his eye but

missed, hit


The horn on his head


and said

“No thanks”


He wiped the spittle

off his horn with

his tongue

gritted with a squint


“It doesn’t taste

very good

but it will keep

you alive”


Then he banged

his glass on my table

knocked my bowl

to the ground


Did a somersault

jumped up and down

began to

look too tough





“That’s enough”


Yours truly

grabbed the glass

drank the ink

all the bugs


That were screaming





Old Rhino smiled at me

as if we were now

the best of comrades

true and stout


I smiled too

pulled out a gun

aimed it at

his head


His smile faded fast

and boom


was dead.






el cajon







The sun’s going down

I’m feeling high

driving up El Cajon Boulevard ~

I’m in the best

truck this city’s ever seen

purple, faded, old, and chipped ~

and I got a cigar in my mouth

puffin’ away ~

the red lights blink

the traffic sings…


   Yeah ~

there’s a little boy

walkin’ on the sidewalk

with a bubble around his head ~

here comes a little girl

pops the bubble with a pin

and she says to him ~


“Love is insanity and I’m Insane.”


   Yeah ~

there between two buildings

crawls an old woman on her knees

with a piece of fish in her hand ~

she’s chasing a cat

   cackling at the cat ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”


   Hmm ~

there’s two girls and a guy

sittin’ on a wall, all

three smoking cigarettes ~

the two girls talk to each other

as the guy silently sits by himself

  blowing smoke rings that signal ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”


Well well ~

an old man in a Cadillac

just stopped to pick up a

hitch-hiking  junior-high-school girl ~

she won’t get in

the old man pulls a knife

she pulls a gun ~

a cop rolls by and

they both start to run ~

on his radio

the cop calls the chief to tell him ~



love is insanity and I’m insane.”


The cop cruises along

finds a girl in a bathrobe

crossing the street ~

He finds out she’s escaped

from a hospital she thinks

she doesn’t belong at ~

he tells her “You got to go back”

and she replies ~



love is insanity and I’m insane!”


On El Cajon Boulevard

life rolls on ~

Some of these people don’t even know

their sanity is gone…


Now here comes

a public health nurse

foaming at the mouth and

throwing water balloons at

billboards ~ she’s

got a whole wheel-barrel

full of water balloons

and a nest full of baby sparrows

in her hair ~ the

tiny birds chirp madly ~


“Love is insanity and this nurse

doesn’t know she’s insane!”


I’ll bet you

this darlin’ goes home

crawls into her lab ~

puts love on the table

gives it a stab ~

cuts it to pieces

trying to figure it out ~

but all she gets is a dead frog

with its guts spread all about ~

oh I bet

it’s hard on her brain

trying to stay normal and plain

when each piece of gut

whispers to her soul ~


“Love is insanity and you’re insane!”


Little girls smile

dogs wag their tales ~

I live in an old slow truck

and my brothers are snails ~

I’m driving along all alone

on this boulevard of charm

looking for the ride-seeking thumb

on any hitch-hiking arm ~

I don’t want to get too righteous

but I can’t refrain ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”


.                                                                                                                 .

.                                                                                                                .